When You are Anti-Resolution, but Still Like Traditions

Try these things instead of New Year Resolutions

What I am welcoming into 2022

  1. Love without expectations
  2. Compassion for myself and others
  3. Always, always, always more patience
  4. Being generous with my silence
  5. More play and more fun
  6. More writing and expressing my most authentic self
  7. Seeing people in all their humanity
  8. Using all of my available resources to help others
  9. More learning
  10. More emotional growth
  11. More vulnerability in my professional life
  12. Gratuitous kindness

What I am leaving behind in 2021

  1. Feeling guilty for other people’s feelings
  2. Saying sorry as a reflex response
  3. Worrying if other people like me or not
  4. Holding on to ideas that don’t serve me
  5. Telling myself untrue stories
  6. Negative self-talk
  7. Talking negatively about others
  8. Not recognizing the humanity and suffering in every other human
  9. Writing off the good things because of the less than ideal things
  10. The false belief I can control absolutely anything except my own reactions
  11. Fear of celebrating my own accomplishments
  12. Feeling I have to prove myself to anyone



Healer, Leadership & Wellness Coach, & Future Herbalist

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