My “Drop” On Anti-Racism and Starting Your Anti-Racism Journey

Art from the badass Brette Sims

the thing you are most afraid to write.

write that.

— Nayirrah Waheed

When I thought about what I may be able to do more publicly, I quickly turned to my writing. I wanted to stand in solidarity with others on the front lines, even if my front line was virtual. I have struggled to write this piece because of so many things. Initially, I was so angry and full of rage, all I could think was to spew vitriol about our politicians, capitalism and further the hate. Then I thought, “what will my friends and family think?” “What will my employer think?” After much mental back and forth, I realized that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought, because the only thing that mattered is what I think. Can I continue to take comfort in my solitary work, or do I join the unified voice saying enough is enough? Lately, my thoughts have been more consumed with “am I doing enough,” or “will anything I do make a difference?”

People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love…

— Nelson Mandela

As I started my anti-racism journey a couple years ago, I struggled with all these things. I also learned that we are not born racist, but we learn it from a very early age, and that helped me deal with my own shame and guilt. I found comfort because like other forms of healing, I could unlearn my racism, but it would take a lot of work and be something I would never “finish.” It would become my other life long education.

The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist. Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And that’s the only way forward.

— Ijeoma Oluo

So You Want To Talk About Race

For the Book Worms

I am sharing Sassy Latte’s list, because it is a great place to start. They are a non-binary, body positive, queer, black, activist that drops tons of knowledge on Instagram and has a Patreon account, to which you can subscribe. Also, their makeup is FIERCE and I am inspired by them constantly. If you want to purchase some books, please use their links because they get a little kickback, rather than searching on Amazon or even better, purchase from a black-owned bookstore, like Mahogany Books, the Multicultural Bookstore, or Source of Knowledge.

For the Fashionistas

If fashion is your thing, then you have to check out Aja Barber. If you like fashion, if you fancy yourself sustainable and you want to undo white supremacy and unfair practices through the things you wear on your body, then check out Aja and her Patreon account. Also, if you don’t think fashion is political, prepare to be educated. Besides being an expert in her field, she is a kickass human and every time I talk to her, her voice makes me feel wrapped in a hug.

For the Streamers

You can also check out Rachel Elizabeth Cargle’s recent “Public Address on Revolution.” I highly recommend it and it’s less than 20 minutes, if you are short on time.

For the List Fanatics

Rachel Rickets is another badass activist and pulls no punches. She is a healer in all instantiations of the word and offers affordable workshops, in addition to being a wealth of knowledge and information. She has a ton of resources you can find here and has already done a ton of emotional labor and heavy lifting for us.

For the Check Writers

There are so many worthy organizations out there and here are just a few that are some of my favorites. While money is always appreciated, I hope you will also find a way to couple the deeper work and continue to grow and learn in this space, rather than just sending money. The real change begins within.



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Cathy Kading

Cathy Kading

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